Total staked Ethereum surpasses 14 million in Q3 2022

Current market uncertainty, provoked by a multitude of reasons including high inflation, energy crisis and fear of nuclear war, make investors very cautious. So far this year we saw a number of sell-offs. While some of the most stable assets like S&P 500 and Gold are down approximately 23% and 10%, crypto assets like Bitcoin […]

DAI most stable of the stablecoins – its price dropped the least in 2022

The adoption rate of blockchain technology is rising every day and more and more businesses start accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This provides a perfect use case for stablecoins – cryptocurrencies, pegged to another physical currency or commodity. They either maintain a reserve of fiat or crypto collateral to set a fixed price […]

Number of active Ethereum users increased by over 36% in Q3 2022

In times of extreme fear of a WWIII, inflation, recession and energy shortage most of the investment instruments suffer substantial losses. Stocks, gold and mostly cryptocurrencies are greatly affected by the troublesome atmosphere around the world. With Ether down approximately 64% year-to-date, followed by Bitcoin down approximately 58% year-to-date, BestBrokers analyst team decided to look […]

Apple charging 30% per NFT sale – this might not be as bad as it sounds

Apple has established itself as one of the most influential tech giants and is currently the most valuable company with a market cap of nearly $2.5 trillion and over 1.23 billion iPhone users worldwide in 2022. Being the most valuable company brings a lot of praise but, on the other hand, a lot of opposition […]

Brits could save up to £375 on energy bills by building a few simple habits

With rising food prices and inflation in August at 9.9%, just 0.2% lower than the 40-year high of 10.1% in July, thousands of households in the UK are now struggling to make ends meet. Adding fuel to the unfolding cost-of-living crisis, energy bills are soaring and many people fear they would need to choose between […]

Prices of the UK’s best selling cars soared by as much as 52.13% over a 3 year period

Just like most of the world, the United Kingdom is currently experiencing an unprecedented gas and energy crisis combined with high inflation and mostly stagnated wages. The prices of new and used automobiles are also rising, with factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in demand contributing to this change in the market. […]

71% of Americans show interest in buying or leasing an electric vehicle (Updated January 5)

Although being around for decades, electric vehicles have rapidly grown in popularity only in the past few years. More people are now looking for a car that is cheaper to run and maintain than conventional gasoline cars, and one that comes with net zero carbon emissions. Many countries around the world have introduced plans to […]

Prices of the most popular cars in the US increased by as much as 22.2% over a 3 year period

Surging energy prices, the uptrend in electric vehicles usage and global economy recession fears are just some of the factors that affect the automotive industry. The BestBrokers team decided to analyze the sales and prices data of the 10 best selling cars in the USA for the period 2019-2022. This would give us an insight […]

Lido is the largest Ethereum 2.0 stakeholder with 31% of the total staked ETH

After multiple delays the long-аwaited Ethereum 2.0 Merge is just around the corner – officially scheduled for September 19, 2022. The update will renovate the whole ETH ecosystem and change the increasingly inefficient proof-of-work concept to proof-of-stake – allowing stakeholders to validate transactions and earn rewards. With the update closing in, the BestBrokers analyst team […]

12 Tech Giants account for 44% of the total market cap of all Mega Cap companies

Companies with market capitalization of over $200 billion are categorized as Mega Cap. With the recent market volatility and the unprecedented events around the world, the number of these “elite club” companies is 44. The analyst team at BestBrokers decided to have a deeper look into these companies, their business models and the sectors they […]