Altcoins affected by Nomad hack collapsed as much as 94%

The most recent in a series of DeFi hacks happened less than 36 hours ago to the Nomad project. The ambitious dApp promised cross-chain interoperability with “increased safety“, giving developers the option to “securely build cross-chain applications (or xApps) and bridge assets between chains”. It was namely this feature that got exploited, letting hackers and […]

Twitter’s Research and Development costs increased by 52% YoY with focus on subscription-based services

Twitter released its Q2 2022 report on 22nd of July and it triggered a discussion about how the results missed analysts’ estimates on earnings, revenue, and user growth. BestBrokers analysts dove deep into the full financial report published on and found out that Twitter heavily focuses on investing in research and development (R&D), with […]

NFT transaction volume reaches 12 million all-time high in Q2 2022 despite the bear market

So far 2022 has been very tough for the global economy with the price and trading volume of majors assets such as stocks, crypto currencies, and even gold going south while inflation and energy prices keep on surging. It seems that fear of a major global recession is pushing some investors to look for alternative […]

100% of all crypto stolen in Q2 2022 is attributed to DeFi

Decentralized Finance or DeFi is booming recently with the volume of DEX transactions growing by over 900% in 2021 compared to 2020. The interest in DeFi remains high in 2022 with DEX transaction volumes in USD this year remaining on par with 2021 volumes, despite the drop in crypto prices. This hype seems to be […]

Top 10 Venture Capital firms have ownership in 38% of all Unicorns. See where they invest.

The research team at BestBrokers set about to answer the question of “Where does Big Venture Capital invest their money in?”. To do that, we looked into the most recent data on Unicorns – privately-owned startups, valued at $1 bln USD or more. The mythical herd doubled in numbers over the course of 2021, when […]

$26.6 million stolen on average per crypto hack in 2022, up 206% from 2021

The crypto hype in recent years made the space appealing not only to investors, but also to hackers with different agendas looking for a quick profit or looking to influence the markets in a certain way. The research team at BestBrokers calculated the average amount stolen per hack and compared 2022 YTD to the last […]