The most profitable movie productions among the IMDb Top 20

The 95th Academy Awards ceremony has just taken place, and viewers will, as always, debate the winners of the prestigious statuette this year. For cineasts, the value of a movie lies in their satisfaction with its plot, cast, and visual effects. The story is all that matters. If the quality of both the actors and […]

Number of unique Ethereum NFT traders surges 276% in 2022, Q1 2023 is promising

Looming Fed rate hikes were the hottest topic in the beginning of 2022. Shortly after that global markets dove even deeper into the red with the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Not long after the LUNA crash followed and crypto markets plunged deeply. Unfavorable events for the global economy continued and caused […]

Reddit Collectible Avatars market cap exceeds $36 million, over 10.6 million NFTs minted

The launch of Reddit’s Polygon-based collectible avatar marketplace back in July 2022 raised a lot of eyebrows. With an ongoing crypto winter and an overall bearish market, let alone the Ukraine war, a lot of investors and analysts predicted nothing good for Reddit’s new venture. However, after more than seven months in, Reddit proved them […]

Survey Finds Why New Yorkers Are Moving to Florida

In 2022, Florida’s population grew to more than 22 million, and the annual increase of 1.9% was the largest of any U.S. state, according to recent data by the Census Bureau. The state’s popularity has been growing for decades, but the trend picked up pace during the pandemic and does not seem to be slowing […]

Nexo Settles Charges by US Regulator, Agrees to Pay $45 Million in Fines

Crypto lender Nexo has reached an agreement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to pay a total of $45 million in fines and to stop offering and selling its retail crypto asset lending product to US investors, the regulator announced on Thursday. Nexo Capital Inc. was charged with failing to register the offer and […]

UK’s EV charging infrastructure struggle to meet demand as more EVs than petrol cars were registered in December

The United Kingdom is slowly shifting towards a greener economy, and as a major part of the decarbonisation plans, the transition to electric vehicles is already underway, with all petrol and diesel cars set to be banned from sale in 2030. Sales of electric cars have increased dramatically over the past year, reaching record-high numbers […]

Leaked email by Nexo co-founder reveals fraudulent malpractices by the crypto firm

On Thursday, just a few hours after police stormed the Nexo offices, an email to Nexo’s management, allegedly written by one of the firm’s co-founders Georgi Shulev surfaced and BestBrokers got a hold of a copy of it. The email, originally written in 2020 in reply to a Zeus Capital email, explains why Shulev, the […]

Exclusive: Nexo’s Headquarter in Bulgaria Stormed by Prosecutors and Police

Nexo’s headquarters in Bulgaria were stormed by prosecutors and police this morning. The team of BestBrokers is reporting directly from the scene. This is what we know so far: Nexo’s headquarter in Sofia this morning Police officers, along with investigators, prosecutors, and counter-intelligence agents are now raiding the offices of popular crypto firm Nexo in […]

Almost 12,000 ETH staked through Ledger Live in just 14 days

On 17 November Ledger announced a key partnership with Kiln which enabled users to stake ETH directly through Ledger Live. With the recent struggles of a number of crypto lenders and exchanges, Ledger makes a rather risky move which could turn out to be a winning one, keeping in mind the company’s reputation. The team […]

Index reveals housing in the U.S. became less affordable in 2022

With increasing mortgage rates and persistently high inflation that continues to put a strain on many family budgets, affordability has become a top priority for new home buyers. Although the drop in fuel prices over the summer gave people a certain relief, housing prices in the US continue to climb, with some experts predicting that […]