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The real price of banking: Major U.S. banks with the highest junk fees

Over the past few years, the inflated prices of everything from gas to food and housing have been taking a toll on Americans. As consumers are becoming increasingly price-sensitive and trying to optimize their budgets, hidden taxes slowly add to their expenses, often without their knowledge. While additional charges for certain services are easy to […]

The most searched Meme coins in 2024

The eccentricity of meme tokens has not prevented them from making waves in the crypto markets over the past few years. So far, one of the hottest meme coins of 2024 has been Floki Inu (FLOKI), one of the several dog-themed coins, which had an impressive price rally of 530% in March. Much like other […]

Bitcoin Spot ETFs’ adoption underlines and amplifies the upcoming Bitcoin bull cycle

Ever since the first Bitcoin block reward halving happened on 12 November 2012, these fundamental events, occurring approximately every 4 years, have marked the beginning of bull market cycles for the original cryptocurrency. This year the fourth halving happened in April, however now there was another huge factor into play – namely the spot Bitcoin […]

Unveiling the most scammed states in America: A deep dive into fraud trends

Americans have been losing billions of dollars to scams for decades but with the wider use of social media and technologies such as AI, schemes are now more sophisticated than ever. Impersonations, phishing scams, scam calls or deep fakes, fraudsters are becoming more and more creative in their ways to make unsuspecting victims believe anything […]

Deceptive TikTok trends that shape Gen Z’s financial culture

A recent study by the Forbes Advisor found that 80% of young people get financial advice from social media. Given that TikTok is the most favored social platform for Gen Z (those born between the mid-to-late 1990s and early 2010s) many find themselves taking financial tips and hacks from influencers with no particular expertise or […]

Research: Thousands of jobs may have already been taken over by AI in the United Kingdom

For years, automation and mechanisation have been introduced in a wide range of manual jobs, but now, with the era of generative AI, the most susceptible jobs are the ones relying on cognitive skills and more precisely repetitive cognitive skills. When ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, the promising chatbot quickly divided the crowds, becoming […]

Easter grocery shopping: Food inflation at the largest supermarket chains in the UK

With Easter almost here, many are planning their holiday and already looking for special offers for Easter eggs and reasonably priced meat. A good festive celebration cannot go without an Easter roast, spring veggies, and the kids’ favourite egg hunt. Over the last couple of years, however, due to the unprecedented inflation rates and increased […]

The most expensive Airbnb rentals in the United Kingdom

As summer rolls around, why not consider booking a luxurious Airbnb rental in one of the many charming corners of the United Kingdom? As of 2024, Airbnb is one of the leaders in the home-sharing market, with over 7 million active listings across 220 countries worldwide. According to Inside Airbnb, there are more than 91,000 […]