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BestBrokers.com Media Coverage

At BestBrokers.com we regularly publish financial industry reports and analyses that are featured in some of the biggest online media websites. Below you can find some of our media coverage.


The journalist was interested in the most expensive Airbnb rental in Oklahoma and sourcing our extensive report on the priciest Airbnbs in the U.S., she provided details about the rental costs, as well as the amenities of the home. The property, Stags Leap Lodge in Broken Bow, is beautifully presented with lots of photographs, as well.


Can you trust financial advice from TikTok influencers? Our report on questionable, misleading and viral money hacks explains in detail how #fintok trends lure young people, promising quick cash and foolproof ways of building wealth.


This analysis in Forbes criticizes the inefficient economic policies in Scotland that hinder business creation and entrepreneurship, sourcing information from BestBrokers about new startups per capita across the United Kingdom.


In early July, we secured great coverage from the popular business-oriented magazine Inc. The article puts the spotlight on U.S.-based startups that reached a valuation of over $1 billion in 2024 and cites the BestBrokers’ report on unicorns as its source.


Our report on the most harmful TikTok financial trends was also covered in the United Kingdom by The Daily Mail, one of the most-read English-speaking news sites. The exclusive piece had over 200 comments and multiple shares on social media probably due to its fair representation of Gen Zers and the issue of starting “side hustles”.


This article in CoinDesk, one of the most respected and cited digital currency news websites, highlights the popularity of Ethereum staking, the focus of one of our crypto-themed surveys.


In July 2023, CoinDesk reported on crypto trading platform Nexo’s legal troubles in the UK. Our team at BestBrokers could provide invaluable insight on Nexo (a story we covered extensively), including a translation of an email by the firm co-founder Georgi Shulev. The email was originally written in Bulgarian, so we translated the full text.


Our report on Bitcoin mining and the current electricity it consumes was noticed by the folks at the Investing.com magazine and Lance Roberts who claims that electric vehicles, bitcoin mining, and artificial intelligence might soon overwhelm the electricity supply and the power grid in the U.S. The required investments into electricity infrastructure could also fuel economic growth, he says.


Our calculations and insights about the electricity consumption from Bitcoin mining operations were also featured in an in-depth article about the possibility of “hyperbitconisation”. The Editorial in Finextra looks into various aspects of the increased use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, their real-world utility, and environmental impact.


Our report, revealing the most expensive Airbnbs in every U.S. state has been also featured on the San Francisco-based news website SFGATE. The journalist conducted an exclusive interview with California’s priciest rental, called “Big Boy”, which added depth to the piece and gave readers a comprehensive look into the luxurious property.


BestBroker’s report on the newly “born” unicorn startups in 2024 was also covered in the Digital Journal. The story, which appears under the Business section of the website, talks about the largest privately held companies in the world and Europe.


In this bit, CryptoNews reviews some of the most important crypto and blockchain-themed news of the day, including a finding by the BestBrokers team that within just two years, scammers have stolen $385 million worth of Ethereum with a scheme known as “pig butchering”.